The Problem: We have negative thoughts that steal our hope and negatively affect our good mental health and emotional well being. Mental disorders are a serious threat to our culture. All the hate and violence can blow your mind. According to the CDC about half of all Americans will experience some form of mental health problems during their lifetime.

The Solution: America needs a Purge Day. Purge Day is a day to renew your mind and come clean for a fresh start. We come together as a community across the country for honest dialogue and self reflection. A day to release our negative defeating thoughts for good mental health and emotional well being. We rise above adversity and learn to turn the other cheek.
What will you purge?

abuse, anger, anorexia, anxiety bad break-up, brokeness, bullied, cutting, depression, disappointment, divorce, doubt, eating disorder, emptiness, envy, failure, fat, fear, grief, guilt, hate, no hope, hurt, insecure, lonliness, low self esteem, molested, no one cares, overhwlemed, pain, pornorgraphy, rejection, relationship issues, sadness, shame, stress, suicidal thoughts, ugly, worry.

August 20th
8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Life hurts! Purge Day helps us to deal with the pain. We all have demons. It could be something that happened to you or something that you don't like about yourself. You do not come out of the purge, the same way that you went in. You emerge empowered. At midnight be transformed by the renewing of your mind and start your new day with hope and a positive mindset. Purging is a practice. Purgers keep their Positive Bunny on display as a way to stay focused on the positive and a reminder to live life with hope. Everybody needs a bunny. Join us, be a PURGER.
                             Raise Your Rabbit!

4 Steps to Purge:
Step 1: Display Positive Bunny,

Proudly display Positive Bunny our
symbol of hope to show that you are a participant
in this "Day of Dialogue" as a positive person that
lives life with hope.

Do not buy fraudulent bunnies.
You can only purchase Positive Bunny
here to benefit RH 501c3 charity for homeless teens.

Step 2: Acknowledge your Thoughts.

Admit that you are hurting.
Do not let fear and shame cause you to deny,
hide or pretend that your pain does not exist.
Ask yourself, why do I have this emotional pain?
from 8:00p.m to 12:00a.m.
Take a long look at how you see yourself and the world.
Step 3: Confront your Thoughts.

Have a Purge Party and turn your vent into a social event.
Take off your mask.
Talk with trusted friends for support and solutions.
Purge with family for family bonding or to heal
a broken relationship.
Purge with a partner to strengthen your commitment.
Do a personal purge and have a self talk.
Step 4: Let it go!

Start over with a clean slate.
Make a list of all of your negative thoughts to delete.
Throw your negative thoughts out with the trash.
For a more drastic attack, cut them into shreds
or burn them down to ashes. These attacks are not only
emotionally gratifying but a study proved that they help
participants to more easily forget their negative thoughts.